Friday, August 20, 2010

Telesure Cesspool

I know this is not blog related, but really, I've had it with these guys.


We had an accident in April 2010, and things are STILL not sorted out by these Telesure, Auto&General, AA Insurance incompetents. Did you know Dial Direct, Budget, Auto & General and First for Woman are ALL just brands of Telesure? And if you go on a site like Hippo, you are actually getting quotes from the same company, just under different brand names.

So here's a little bit of free advice - stay away from Telesure and their brands, it's just the most pathetic service I have ever received. In fact, I'm going to write a nice long article about it and hopefully save someone all the hassle I had to go through. It takes days for them to get back to you, even though they have a so-called service charter that they clearly do not stick to.

Do proper research when you are considering your insurance provider and make sure they are underwritten by a reputable company. I made the mistake of trusting in the AA brand name, AA Insurance is useless, they are simply brokers and did not lift a finger to try to assist us.


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